We have always opted for the most innovative medical products / devices, in order to offer both the surgeon and the patient advantages in surgical work and greater comfort for the patient after surgery. But this year we want to go further by also focusing on the field of TRAINING. That is why, together with the company Swan Medical – a company belonging to the Cardiolink Group – we have just launched a self-training system to improve skills in laparoscopic endosutura, with different supplements according to level and difficulty and accompanied by an App with video- tutorials to guide in the learning, as much to the resident as to the already expert doctor:

The Lap Studio

And nothing better than checking its functionality in the Interactive Conference of Surgery for Students “JOICE”, held at the University of Navarra from 7th  to 11th February. Our most sincere thanks to the organization of the Conference for participating in something so important for us: training and updating in surgical techniques.