How many times have we had to unclog a catheter because it is angled with the walls of the patient’s blood vessel? How many times have the catheters been mistakenly switched off and we have found the open catheter outlet losing blood? How many times have we forgotten to clamp the catheters after some necessary maneuver? How many times have we had to flush a catheter to regain adequate laminar flow? How many times have we heard cases of air embolism caused by catheters? How many bloodstream infections have originated from the catheter connections?

Loss of blood, air embolism, mistaken disconnections, improper clamping … Risks that can be avoided by having a catheter with the unique technology of Altius RT: The rigidity of many traditional catheters can cause incorrect positions, plugging against vascular walls, preventing a regular flow. In order to reduce the irregularities of the administered flow, its Altius RT Multi-Tube design presents a smooth surface, without bends, curves or sudden changes of diameter, allowing a constant and regular flow throughout the treatment of the patient.

But, this feature not only helps a more effective treatment. Altius RT’s exclusive smart grooves, located beneath the surface of the catheter, along with its composition of soft PU material, also help to reduce this effect.

On the other hand, how to avoid mistaken blood loss or clampages?

Thanks to LuerSafe connectors, smooth surface, no gaps, with built-in LuerSafe split-septum automatic clamps, they create a closed and easy to clean system, while providing an effective antimicrobial barrier and thus reducing bloodstream infections Consequence of the catheters.

Are you still not convinced of all the advantages that Altius RT can contribute? …