On February 8, the II  Pediatric Heart Failure Symposium will take place, which will include ventricular assistance and myocardial protection as the main theme.

An event that will bring together great professionals at national and international level, from different hospital areas: cardiac surgeons, perfusionists, pediatricians, intensivists, etc., with the aim of presenting and debating the most controversial aspects of heart failure, both of assistance ventricular, as of ECMO systems and myocardial protection.

This symposium will be held within the XVI Pediatric Cardiology Course and the Ninth Course of Adult Congenital Heart Disease, offered from February 8 to 10 at the Alimara Hotel in Barcelona. To attend, send us an email to cibanez@cardiolink.es and we will contact you as soon as possible, or access the web: www.cardiopatiascongenitashvh.com Do not miss this great event, which will surely come out with a broader vision of this pathology!