Cardiac Surgery




Solution indicated for cardioplegia in connection with cardiosurgical operations, organ protection during operations under ischemia (heart, kidney, liver), preservation of organ transplants (heart, kidney, liver, lung, pancreas), together with venous or arterial segments. Multi-organ protection.

Main features in Cardioplegia and Heart transplantation:

  • Provides an optimal myocardial protection
  • Nondepolarizing cardiac arrest: he low-to-moderate content of electrolytes (“intracellular”-type cardioplegic solution, 15 mM sodium) mean less cellular stress during cold ischemia.
  • Contains Histidine, Triptophan and alpha-Ketoglutarate, which guarantee that the physiological characteristics of the myocardium are maintained during ischemic time and reperfusion.
  • A single/initial application applied over the period of 6-8 minutes is sufficient for up to 180 minutes of myocardial ischemia.
  • Superior energetic protection (ATP)


Produced by:

Köhler Chemie
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