We are pleased to announce that Cardiolink has recently concluded an exclusive distribution agreement with Organ Assist, a Dutch medical device company pioneer in perfusion, regarding its product Liver Assist.

Liver Assist is the only commercially available medical device for ex vivo perfusion of donor livers, which is capable of perfusion at a flexible temperature range (12-37ºC) in hypothermia and normothermia. In addition, thanks to its two dedicated pressure-controlled pump units, Liver Assist allows a true pulsatile perfusion pattern through the Hepatic Artery and continuous perfusion through the Portal Vein.

Due to its main unique features, Liver Assist assesses function and viability of liver grafts and improves donor organ quality, while increasing the organ utilization rate.

You can read the full features and indications of Liver Assist at the following link.

Liver Assist