Following the series of training sessions for varicose vein treatment, next Tuesday 30th of June at 7:30pm, in Cardiolink we organize a third webinar on the radiofrecuency treatment of varicose saphenous and perforator veins.

This online session will be held in Spanish and led by Dr. José Mª Mestres, from the Angiology and Vascular Surgery service in Clínica Sagrada Família (Barcelona).

The online session will start off with a debriefing on the different vascular diseases which can be treated with radiofrecuency. The clinical evidence and outcomes of the radiofrecuency in the treatment of varicose veins will follow. In addition, Dr. Mestres will share his knowledge and experience on the use of this technique in varicose saphenous and perforator veins. For this, he will show a video of a recent clinical case.

At the end of the session, the participants will be able to solve their doubts about this technique by addressing their questions directly to Dr. Mestres.

You can register for this webinar at the following link

Stay tuned!