Following Dr. Neymeyer’s webinar on Allium’s URS stent, in Cardiolink we would like to encourage urologists to take part in the next online session on minimal stenting solutions for treating basic to complicated strictures in the urinary tract, which will be held next Wednesday 13th at 5pm.

This time, Prof. Rioja Zuazu (Urology Service, Hospital Clínico Univ. Lozano Blesa, Zaragoza) will be the speaker, and thus the webinar will be held in Spanish. The scientific program will start off with a debriefing of the previous online sessions (different minimal stenting solutions in urinary tract strictures and main features and indications of Allium’s URS stent). A case presentation of fistula, conduit and bridging will follow.

The online session will be interactive, thus, the attendees will be able to seek advice or ask questions about these medical devices, its features and clinical outcomes.

You can register for this webinar at the following link.