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Many surgeons experience difficulties when it comes to illuminating the surgical field. There are dark areas and shadows that cannot be eliminated neither with the operating theatre lighting nor with other supplementary illumination solutions, such as headlights or lighted spacers, hampering occasionally the surgery process and its success.

The RUTILIGHT® device is a local lighting system that can be adapted to surgical instruments and works as a surgical assistance device that stems from the need for a better and stronger lighting in interventions.

The Rutilight® device is a light ring with LED technology that allows to illuminate the surgical field regardless of the light in the operating room. It adapts to any surgical instruments, in central position as well as lateral, for greater comfort of the surgeon. This sterile single-use device is easy to mount and allows for close-up and precise illumination of the intraoperative field.

Suitable for the vast majority of surgeries, with the possibility of connecting up to 3 Rutilight® devices in the same power supply.

Image: Rutilight®’s main technical features.




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