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Transcatheter Aortic Heart Valve (TAVR) designed for precision in outcomes


Transcatheter Heart Valve System (TAVR) designed for precision in outcomes.

  • Bovine pericardium tri-leaflet valve
  • Optimal size matrix for native annulus adjustment.
  • Available sizes: 20.0 mm – 21.5 mm – 23.0 mm – 24.5 mm – 26.0 mm – 27.5 mm – 29.0 mm – 30.5 mm – 32.0 mm
  • High radial strength and radiopacity due to its unique hybrid honeycomb cell design
  • Precision placement technique
    • Balloon expandable delivery system
    • Unique alternative sequence of dark-light bands which allow an accurate valve positioning across the annular plane (during fluoroscopy techniques)
  • Minimizes paravalvular leaks thanks to its external PET buffing



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Myval TAVR

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Meril Life https://www.myval.com/
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