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Accurate Cuff Pressure Control Made Easy


AG Cuffill®, Innovative Airway Management Solution

The compact and intuitive AG CUFFILL device is the most accurate solution for measuring both pressure and volume of airway cuffs in all clinical settings. Its pocket-size, syringe-like design allows a simple and easy operation by medical professionals, including first-responders and hospital staff, and by users in the home care environment.

Main features:

  • Volume 10 cc
  • Measurement range 0-99 (mmHg/cmH2O)
  • Measurement accuracy ±2 (mmHg/cmH2O)
  • Disposable, enables 100 measurements


It is recommended for single-patient use in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.


CE  0483

AG Cuffill

Produced by:

Hospitech Respiration www.hospitech.co.il/
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