The congenital diaphragmatic hernia (HDC) is an anomaly that has its origin in the absence or defect of the structure that forms the diaphragm: the posterolateral pleuroperitoneal membrane (Bochdalek hernia) and transverse dorsal septum (Morgagni hernia). In this case, the surgery involves the placement of a mesh to repair this type of hernia. That is why the DynaMesh®-IPOM mesh is ideal thanks to its shape, used to reinforce connective tissue structures and consisting of a 2-component structure specially developed for the IPOM technique: the visceral fiber face in fluoride monofilament of polyvinylidene (PVDF) nonabsorbable and biostable, and the parietal side in non-absorbable, biostable polypropylene (PP) monofilaments.

The woven structure, the ideal development and the ideal mesh size of DynaMesh®-IPOM provide the best dynamometry for the abdominal wall, facilitating a perfect integration in the wall and a reduction and prevention of adhesions between the intestine and the mesh.