Last week, on the 4th of March, in Cardiolink we collaborated with the laparoscopic pectopexy workshop organized in the Gynecology Service (Dra. Rosa Ostos) of the Hospital de Valme (Sevilla, Spain).

Dr. Carlota García-Salmones and Dr. Ignacio Salazar from the same hospital lead the live case, which was attended by some gynaecologist from Hospital de Jerez and Hospital de Puerto Real.

The laparoscopic pectopexy is a surgical technique intended to treat pelvic organ prolapse (POP) through the implantation of a PVDF mesh. This method offers clear, practical advantages compared with laparoscopic sacropexy, as it does not reduce the pelvic space, it results in a reduction of defecation disorders.

In the workshop, a PRP visible Dynamesh was used for the vaginal prolapse therapy. You can find more information about this mesh on this link.