IV Experimental Laparoscopic Surgery Training in HUCA

2019-12-19T12:05:05+00:00December 19th, 2019|cirugía laparoscópica, Cardiolink, General surgery|

The 11 th, 12 th, 18th and 19th of December, the IV Experimental Laparoscopic Surgery Training was held in Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA), which was co-led by Dr. Jesús María Fernández Gómez and Dr. Jorge García Rodríguez. Cardiolink collaborated with this training course, by providing some units of The Lap Studio, our portable [...]

TAPP, TEP and LIRA surgical procedures Workshop in Inguinal and Supraumbilical Hernia, in Clínica Cristo Rey (Jaén)

2019-12-17T10:12:45+00:00December 17th, 2019|Cardiolink, General surgery|

Next 14th of January at 3pm, a workshop regarding the TAPP, TEP and LIRA surgical procedures in Inguinal and Supraumbilical Hernia will take place in Clínica Cristo Rey (Jaén, Spain). Dr. Jiménez Armenteros and Dr. Antonio Gómez organise this workshop, in which 6 live surgery cases will be performed. In Cardiolink, we are focused on [...]

Catalonia, a world leader in organ transplantation and donation for the sixth consecutive year

2019-12-13T11:25:38+00:00December 13th, 2019|Organ preservation, Cardiolink|

For the sixth consecutive year, Catalonia has been a world leader in human transplants and organ donation. From the beginning of 2019 until November, about 1.200 transplants and 458 organ donations have been recorded. According to Jaume Tort, director of Organització Catalana de Trasplantaments (OCATT), an organization rooted in the Catalan Health Care System, this [...]

Cooperation in the Cardiac Surgery Campaign in El Salvador, organized by the NGO Infancia Solidaria

2019-12-12T11:33:50+00:00December 12th, 2019|ICU, Cardiac Surgery|

This past quarter, Cardiolink engaged in a cooperation campaign organized by the NGO Infancia Solidaria in El Salvador. The NGO’s Project “Sana-sana”, provides surgical care for children in developing countries. In this particular campaign in El Salvador, about 20 children with congenital heart diseases from Hospital Benjamín Bloom were treated. Dr. Tomasa Centella, a surgeon [...]

Hospital Parque Vegas Altas includes on its service portfolio our Radio frequency treatment of haemorrhoids

2019-12-03T12:07:01+00:00December 3rd, 2019|Coloproctología, Cardiolink|

Since August 2019, the Hospital Parque Vegas Altas (Don Benito, Badajoz), has included on its service portfolio our Radio frequency treatment of haemorrhoids under local anaesthesia, the Rafaelo Procedure®. Haemorrhoids, also known as piles, are lumps that appear inside and around the anus. Its origin is varied and sometimes not well-known, however, they are usually [...]




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